Fresh Fruit Popsicles


With summertime hot on our heels, cool tasty treats are a must. We recently made some fresh fruit popsicles. They.Are.Delicious!


I simply slice up some fresh fruit. We used kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, marion berries and black berries. You could even use frozen fresh fruit. COSTCO has a great bag of frozen berries that we love over here.

I placed the fruit into a popsicle mold (about 1/3 full with fruit). More or less depending on your preference. I let the kids add the fruit they wanted in their own mold so they were just what they wanted.

Then I filled the rest of the popsicle mold with White Grape Juice. It has a mild, sweet taste and was clear so you could see the fruit inside the popsicle. The popsicles had a soft icy consistency and the fruit was not hard to eat and broke apart just like the rest of the soft ice. YUM!


Considering the treats I usually share on here *ahem* these are quite healthy! Your waistlines will thank me for once! I will definitely make these again. I thought they were really classy and sophisticated. They would be fun for an shower or girls night out party.

**Since I know someone will wonder (or ask) I found the popsicle molds at Target two years ago.

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Ruffles ruffles everywhere! I’ve been spotting this adorable trend all over blog world.

1. I had to get in on the fun and give Char’s famous Ruffle Butt Onesie a try. DIY ruffle projects are easier than they appear! What a relief for me {the girl who usually only attempts square projects}.

rufflebumhds2px; height: auto; rufflebumhds2px; height: auto; rufflebumhds1 rufflebumhds2 rufflebumhds3 {Ya, I know. Three very similar pictures,…I couldn’t just limit myself to one! These are my baby girls’ tooshes we are talking about here! You are lucky I narrowed it down to only three! } ;)

Here are some other inspiring ruffle projects and tutorials:

2. Playing off the Ruffle Butt Onesie, TherapeuticCrafting came up with adorable Tuxedo Lacey Butt Onesie Tutorial.

3. SamsterMommy created this gorgeous Tuxedo Tank out of an old shirt.

4. VintageDutchGirl created a mini version of Ruffly Baby Top

5. SewMuchAdo has an easy ruffle scarf tutorial

6. Another T-shirt repurposed to a ruffle scarf by VermillionRules.

7. MadeByLex created a Valentino inspired Ruffle Clutch {gorgeous} using old sweats.

8. She also made this adorable ruffle dress using an old T-shirt…

9. LivingWithLindsey even created ruffle shoes!

10. Char from CrapIveMade also created this gorgeous ruffle pillow

11. One more great ruffle pillow tutorial from FloralShowers.

And two last inspirational pictures to make your jaw drop. Thanks to Ashley from Ashley Ann

Photography. Yes she made them

6.09ruffles-2px; height: auto; 6.09ruffles-2px; height: auto; 6-1.09ruffles-1 6.09ruffles-2

{Her ruffle butt onesies so just trumped mine, huh?! That’s why I put mine first! ;) }

Whew. So much to do,…so little time! ;)

Have you made any ruffle projects lately? Any other great ruffle links to add to our list? We’d love to see them!

Get your sewing machines out and start ruffling!

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In March, I was lucky enough to get to travel to Phoenix to enjoy a tour of Hickman’s farm!
I can honestly tell you after viewing the farm and how clean they keep it made made me an egg fan for life. I love that my kids can start their day off right with a balanced breakfast along with a serving of yummy eggs.

A picture of some of the Blogger’s who attended!

I have never been to an egg farm before was so impressed with all of the measures they take to keep our eggs clean. When the employees drive into work everyday their vehicle tires drive through a sanitizing rinse..this rinse removes all of the contaminants that could harm the chickens.
I couldn’t believe it…but was so happy when I learned about all of those measures they do everyday to protect our families. Even our shoes went through a chlorine mat that kills any germs we tracked in.

The Hickman’s farm was amazing and to see all of the chickens in the cages was a sight to see. Those birds have it good…four meals a day and nap-time. I know a lot of you are thinking CAGES!!!! AHHHHH! YES, cages are the way to go…they are protected, in air conditioning, they are not pecked to death and they feed 4 times a day. They have it really good and I prefer the caged birds over the CAGE-FREE! WHY??

Well, the cage free are still in a cage..but it is much bigger and the birds sometimes peck each other to death because of pecking order. Also, the eggs drop down onto the ground and can land in fecal matter or all kinds of disgusting things…because they fall on the ground. YUCK!!

Did you know that California is trying to pass a law that all eggs farms must go CAGE FREE in 2015?? OMG!!! We have to stop that law from passing!

Please buy plain white eggs for your family!!
They are the best in my opinion!!!

This year I am going to give all kinds of updates from my trip along with videos and awesome recipes to keep your families tummy full! So Stay tuned. Here were a few details from an earlier post about my trip. HERE and HERE!

So in honor of our favorite eggs, we are offering a contest for all of you! I am giving away three of my favorite egg products to one of my lucky readers! All you need to do is follow me on twitter @ ShandaBauman and come back and leave me a comment. If you would like a second entry then leave me your favorite way you eat eggs or leave your favorite egg recipe. Contest will end on June 10th @ 12pm est. (don’t forget to leave your email address)
Here is what you will win….
My favorite egg timer, the best way to carry your deviled egg container and silicone egg rings!

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Isn’t it so much fun when you can send or receive a gift basket? Well, let me tell you we have the perfect company that offers fantastic classy book bouquets for every occasion. Parents with Style is so proud to tell out readers about this great company. This is the perfect solution for having to go out and put together a gift basket yourself. They have thought of everything and they assemble the baskets in an eye catching way! Each basket will make you want to buy more and to see the joy on the receivers face is worth a million bucks.
We receive plenty of goodies to review at PWS and these by far are one of our top picks! We highly recommend choosing BOOK BOUQUET for your gift giving needs!
-Parents with Style

Check out the Safari Gift Set!

Gift Details:

Baby books, baby dvd and eco friendly monkey take baby on a jungle safari.

BOOKS: Meet Little Monkey as he spends his day eating his favorite foods and playing! Little ones will love to cuddle with this supersoft fleece cloth book that’s made out of cotton and recycled Polartec® fleece. This book is machine-washable and comes packaged in a chipboard box that’s made from 100% recycled material. We also include Baby Einstein’s Baby Noah World Animals board book that introduces baby to animal friends from around the world.

MONKEY: Healthy, safe and environmentally friendly, this orange monkey is 8″ with white trim and made of 100% certified organic cotton fabric. No harmful pesticides, toxic chemicals or dyes – these colors are tested to exceed the most stringent global safety standards.

DVD: Baby Noah Animal Expedition DVD from Baby Einstein is a musical introduction to animals from around the world.

This gift arrives in an animal print gift box decorated with a bow and gift enclosure card. Gift card holds about two sentences or twenty words.

Baby will love the bright orange monkey and learning all about animals in this fun baby gift basket.

From their website! (Check out all of the choices you have!)
Book Bouquet
combines all kinds of books with gift items and gourmet foods to create novel gift baskets for all occasions. The first book bouquet was created over ten years ago for a cancer patient. Today, get well gifts are still one of the most popular categories of gift baskets that Book Bouquet sells. The “Boredom Buster” get well gift was Book Bouquets most ordered gift basket in 2008.

Special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas give Book Bouquet the chance to shine. Books are always the right size and color, and our gift baskets take book gifting to the next level. As the maker of all our gift baskets Book Bouquet is also able to offer custom touches like balloons, cakes, stuffed animals and of course, extra books that can be added to any of our gifts. You can even design your own gift basket at our create a custom basket page.

Gifts are shipped just about everywhere. We also ship to all military apo addresses and offer a military gifts section. For international orders shipping is limited to priority mail international. For US orders we offer a variety of delivery methods including ground, three day service, two day service and overnight. Orders placed by 3:00PM EST Monday through Friday ship the same day.

Every gift from Book Bouquet is made to high standards. Each order is treated as though it is for a family member and every gift includes a card with the customer’s personalized message.

Book Bouquet gift baskets offers unique gifts for baby, kids, birthday, get well, sympathy, housewarming, for men, for women, for work and for special occasions. Our gifts are always the right fit for any event.

Parents with Style highly recommends this company!


Fisher-Price Ball-O-Saurus Play CenterTM: Great for indoors and outdoors, kids will have a blast sending balls down the dinosaur’s tail and weaving in and out of the crawl-through windows. Includes 25 soft touch balls and a repair patch. ($29.99/18 months and up)

My kids love the new BALL–O-SAURUS offered by Fisher Price. This is such a fun toy for the whole family to enjoy. As you can see from the video our kids love it. What Mom and Dad like about it, is that it is sturdy and soft for them to jump in. We have fun trying to throw the balls in the middle and the one with the most in WINS! You can also bring this outside and spray a little water in it for your tiny little ones to splash in.
This is one of our summer top picks for kids toys this summer.

Parents with Style is happy to recommend this toy!


Hummus — the Perfect Healthy Snack

What a great mid-day snack to cure the munchies or the perfect appetizer for a dinner party.

15 oz. can garbanzo beans drained, liquid reserved
1-2 garlic cloves (base on personal preference)
1 tsp. ground cumin
1 Tbls. olive oil
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1/2 tsp. salt

Combine garbanzo beans, garlic, cumin, salt, and olive oil in a food processor. Blend on low speed, gradually adding reserved garbanzo bean liquid, until desired consistency is achieved.

Serve with your favorite veggies, pita or crackers


I am so excited to share with all of you that I will be flying out to California, compliments of LEXUS for their FAMILY SAFETY CAMP on June 3rd. I cannot wait to learn more about LEXUS and all of the safety features that will make my family safe. I will be posting all of the details on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and WHRRL!!!
At the Lexus Family Safety Camp, you’ll get to:

I WILL BE………..
· Spending time with and talk to technical specialists about vehicle safety features in a language that makes sense

· Test drive vehicles on special courses set up at the Rose Bowl parking lot and gain hands-on experience with vehicle stability control (VSC), anti-lock brakes (ABS), brake override system, LATCH child seat system, Bluetooth and Lexus telematics (Lexus Enform and Safety Connect)

· Visit with other safety experts and advocates including Stephanie Tombrello of SafetyBeltSafe USA, an organization dedicated to child passenger safety, and Janette Fennell, founder of, a national nonprofit dedicated to reducing injury and death to children in and around motor vehicles

· For each attendee, Lexus will make a donation so that low-income, inner-city kids can also enjoy the Kidspace Children’s Museum

HOW AWESOME IS LEXUS?? I love that they are educating a Midwest Mom like myself!!

I can’t wait to share the details. Stay tuned more coming!!

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Learning Tower by Little Partners

For the last few months we have been enjoying our LEARNING TOWER! This is a wonderful help and play toy in our house. You can do so many things with this tower. One of the newest additions is the EASEL AND CHALK BOARD attachment. My kids love to draw on everything around my house including my walls. You should see the master piece I just caught Korbyn making. Well, I pulled out our attachment and hooked it on to our Learning Tower in just a few seconds. Korbyn took right off with scribbling all over the chalk board. Nevaeh prefers the white board and loves to draw her flowers. My kids love this product and enjoy tons of hours of fun using the it as a puppet show theater and now a art studio. Oh my kids also us it as a stepping stool to shoot hoops from. Yep, you can use this for just about anything.

Check out this video!

“Kids love chalk! Now parents can spark their children’s creativity and allow them to draw freely using The Learning Tower and the new The Art Easel. This accessory set attaches easily to The Learning Tower, and features a dry-erase board on one side with a chalkboard on the other for twice the artistic fun. From abstract squiggles to family portraits, your child can color their own world in the safe environment of The Learning Tower and within the contained space of The Art Easel. The Art Easel has a suggested retail price of $69.99.”

This is a fabulous product that offers many great options for transforming playtime. Parents with Style recommends this product to all of our readers.

Funky Kuffs

Ever heard of Funky Kuffs??? Do your kids pants drag on the floor because they are too long?
Well, let us tell you about a cool new company called Funky Kuffs! This great company came up with the idea of placing these tiny accessories at the bottom of your kids pants for a quick hem. Why didn’t I think of that? Well, these adorable adornments make your kids pants super hip with a great fit and all you have to do is snap them on and go. The adorable push pins come in different colors and styles that will have your child attaching them to everything in sight.

Stars, Beach, basketball, baseball, gems, flowers, butterflies, footballs, frogs, lady bugs, soccer balls and Scottie dogs!

About Funky Kuffs from their site!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I am a wife, mother, inventor, and entrepreneur. The FunKyKuffs idea was inspired by my 9 year old daughter. I had noticed all her new jeans fit in the waist, but were too long in the leg, I figured she would grow into them. School started up in the fall and I still noticed she wasn’t wearing her new jeans. I asked her why she wasn’t wearing them? and she said, “they’re too long and look funny, I’m going to tripover them and I still refuse to wear them” I tried rolling the cuffs under, but my daughter pointed out that they would unroll duringthe day. I tried rolling them up, but they just didn’t look right. I didn’t have time to hem her pants before school, so I just had to send her off unhappy. Necessity being the mother of invention, I thought there must be an easier and inexpensive way to alterthese without having to send them to a tailor. I thought I can probably create something that’s going to make a child’s life alittle easier and keep the parents budget at hand, especially these days. Nobody has time to sit and hem, and besides the kids are going to end up growing into them soon enough. I went out and purchased several materials and FunkyKuffs was born!

Easy Stroll

This season we have been using our newest and coolest product that I swear was made for Russell and I. The Easy Stroll is an ergonomic stroller handle that allows you to push the stroller with one hand comfortably. I love it cause it is made to suit taller parents and you know that we are over 6 foot tall so it is the perfect product for us.
Now that we can finally get out into the beautiful Michigan air….this product goes everywhere with us.
Easy Stroll™ is the most meaningful advancement in strollers and will be on every parents want list this year. Easy Stroll™ also promotes proper posture to eliminate back and arm strain while pushing a stroller. Fits on most strollers that have standard handles with rubber or foam hand grips. We highly recommend this is made well and will make life with baby easier. Pick up one for the next baby shower gift.


Easy Stroll™ is one product with two benefits…

Convenience and Comfort.

Convenience… East Stroll provides total control of the stroller with just one hand. Your free hand can swing naturally as it would while walking without a stroller or can be used for other tasks, such as carrying a bag of groceries or holding hands with another child. A free hand is needed at some point virtually every time a stroller is used. Easy Stroll gives you this new freedom.

Comfort… Easy stroll is an ergonomic stroller handle that promotes proper posture. Baby Strollers without Easy Stroll require two hands for operation. “Hunching” over the stroller puts an unnatural curve in your spine. Unfortunately, these improper body mechanics are unavoidable when pushing a stroller with two hands. Over time, it manifests itself as fatigue and/or discomfort in the back and arms. The good news is Easy Stroll fixes the problem. Using single handed operation, Easy Stroll straightens your back and allows for “normal” posture when pushing the stroller. There is no arm or back strain.

Easy Stroll works on most strollers that have standard handles with rubber or foam hand grips.

Easy Stroll does not work with Umbrella type stroller handles or strollers with hard plastic hand grips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Easy Stroll make it hard for me to steer with my arm?
Using your arm to steer is the most common mistake make when using Easy Stroll. With Easy Stroll, there is little need to use arm or back strength when pushing your stroller. Simply change the direction you’re walking and the stroller will effortlessly change directions with you. To turn the stroller to the right, walk slightly to the left. The leverage of your entire body will easily turn the stroller to the right. Small steering adjustments can be made with your arm, but most of the control comes from moving your feet.

Is EasyStroll difficult to use?
Easy stroll is a completely different way of strolling – a better way. You steer with your feet, not with your arm. Simply move your feet and the stroller will move with you. After a short period of time, the operation of the stroller becomes second nature and you’ll found out just how easy strolling can be.

Will Easy Stroll work on my brand of stroller?
Easy Stroll works on most strollers that have standard handles with rubber or foam hand grips. It does not work with Umbrella type stroller handles or strollers with hard plastic hand grips.

Will Easy Stroll fit my stroller?
Easy Stroll works on most strollers that have standard handles with rubber or foam hand grips. Easy Stroll does not work wiht Umbrella type strollers or strollers with hard plastic hand grips.

Does Easy Stroll come in different sizes?
Easy Stroll comes in just one size. However, each handle comes with 3 different ring sizes (S, M, L) to fit most stroller handles.

What makes Easy Stroll an “ergonomic” stroller handle?
Baby Strollers without Easy Stroll, require two hands for operation. “Hunching” over the stroller puts an unnatural curve in your spine. Unfortunately, these importer body mechanics are unavailable when pushing a stroller with two hands. Over time, it manifests itself as fatigue and/or discomfort in the back and arms. The good news is Easy Stroll fixes the problem. Using single handed operation, Easy Stroll straightens your back and allows for “normal” posture when pushing the stroller. There is no back strain.

Does Easy Stroller work with baby joggers?
Easy Stroll will work with most baby joggers that have standard handles with rubber or foam hand grips.

Will Easy Stroll interfere with 2 handed operation?
Easy Stroll was designed to work with most strollers so that you can choose between 2 handed operation and using Easy Stroll for one handed operation.

Is Easy Stroll safe to use?
Yes. Easy Stroll is made from strong plastic materials similar to parts on many strollers made today. We do recommend firmly grasping the stroller manufacturers handle with 2 hands when pushing a stroller down hill.

Is Easy Stroll difficult to put on my stroller?
There are 8 simple steps to attach the Easy Stroll handle to your stroller. Installation time is about 5 minutes and requires only a Phillips screw driver. Watch this installation video to see how easy it is.

Will you give my name and contact information to other companies?
No, we will not provide or sell your information to any other company.

What is your refund policy?
We’re so confident you’ll like Easy Stroll, we’ll give you a 30 day risk free trial! If you don’t like Easy Stroll for any reason, just email us (using our “Contact Us” page) within 30 days of receiving it to tell us why you aren’t satisified. We’ll refund your money and we’ll pay for return shipping, no questions asked! To qualify for your refund, you must contact us within 30 days of receiving your Easy Stroll and return ALL parts in the original packing conditions. Easy Stroll fits nearly all strollers as outlined on the “About Easy Stroll” page. Please visit that page to make sure Easy Stroll will fit your stroller.


PWS was given the Easy Stroll to review..we did not receive money for our opinions.

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