Find a baby carrier that is right for you!

I have been fortunate to test drive Infantino products, so that I can report back to all my readers what our experience was. With Paityn turning one we choose a carrier that would hold our growing princess. Our top pick was the Wrap & Tie which gave us the hold we were looking for along with the support.The wrap is very easy to use and can hold baby comfortably while Mommy does her errands. The bucket style seat makes it easy for baby to snuggle close to Mom for a safe ride. Paityn loves ... [ Read More ]

How often should I change my toothbrush! #InvisibleNasties

We have been working with our kids on how to brush their teeth correctly. We also learned that we need to change our toothbrushes every three months to avoid the INVISIBLE NASTIES! What are INVISIBLE NASTIES? They are the tiny germs that are all over your tooth brush. Did you know that flushing the toilet cause a spray that can reach your toothbrush?? YUCK!Click on this banner to get your own reminders to change your toothbrush sent to your inbox. Colgate's site offers a ton of information ... [ Read More ]


One of the biggest complaints that my hubby has in life is that he can't find a really comfy pair of underwear. One that really fits and will feel comfortable all day long. We have tried many pairs over the years that we have been married. None of them were good enough to brag about until we had an opportunity to try a pair of SLIX.We thought the underwear that was sent to us would be just like all the others. NOPE!!! He actually was shocked at the comfort level and the fit. Russell told me that ... [ Read More ]


My kids and my niece love Miley Cirus since is is everywhere. They were so excited to get to see the Blu-ray version of Last Song. You may want to bring some hankies for your tears..some from sadness and some for laughter. This movie is not the best movie in the world but is was cute and my daughter really liked it. Now my niece is 13 years old and really understood the teen relationship in the movie where my daughter didn't have a clue except she knew when they were going to kiss and she would ... [ Read More ]


While The Nightmare Before Christmas was already considered too dark and unconventional by some audiences, James and the Giant Peach reaches further levels of obscurity and sunlessness, conditions that are somewhat redeemed by cutting-edge visuals. With Tim Burton once again providing a watchful eye as producer, the film continues Nightmare's use of his trademark visual style, which grafts quite well onto complex stop-motion animation. But some of Burton's live-action films are too skewed for ... [ Read More ]

Teaching my kids how to brush their teeth!

..In past two weeks I have been working with my three kiddos on how to brush their teeth. Thanks to Collective Bias for offering my kids a shopping spree at our local Walmart. We went on a search for craft products that we can use to make our own version of INVISIBLE NASTIES!! What are INVISIBLE NASTIES you ask??? They are the tiny germs and particals that collect on your tooth brush. While teaching my kids how to brush their teeth, I also taught the about changing their tooth brushes every ... [ Read More ]

TACO RACK a must have in every household!

So I just made a short video on our new TACO rules! Please ignore my stove once again...Electrolux still has not sent me my new one! LOL! Anyways, the Taco Rack is the only way to serve tacos at my house. So simple and your tacos will actually be hot when you sit down to eat them. Nevaeh my daughter said, "these are the best tacos!" So you know if Nevaeh likes it, you will love it. Another great part about this rack system, it is in-expensive and at $19.99 anyone can afford it. And ... [ Read More ]

Unique Toys! To get you and your kids to use your Imagination!

We have found the best toys to give this holiday season! You must check out Imagiplay! These toys are awesome. When we received this zoo puzzle from Owner Barbera Aimes..our daughter was jumping for Joy! She couldn't even wait for me to get it out of the package. I have to admit, Mommy couldn't wait either. So we worked on this puzzle together and had so much fun. Now our daughter is only 2-1/2 years old and she could not do it by herself yet. So we quized each other on the letter of the ... [ Read More ]

Meaningful moments in life!

I love this blog! We get to meet so many wonderful people that really touch our lives in many different ways. When I heard from Pam at, it really made me remember not to take anything for granted. And how the support from friends, family and even strangers can make a huge difference in someones life. Her website reminded me of the time when my doctor found a lump in my left breast. (Sorry to be so candid, but it is life) I felt so scared and helpless...sitting there ... [ Read More ]

Money Manager Check Card by DATEXX

I am always swiping my debit card everywhere and I can tell you it is easy to exceed my limit if I am not careful. Many times I run out to pick up some formula and diapers and I am thankful that I have my MONEY MANAGER CHECK CARD CHECKER! This awesome little invention helps me keep my money in check if you know what I mean. This little helper will keep my balance in front of my and at my fingers tips. What a wonderful idea for this holiday season...the perfect stocking stuffer at only $15.00 ... [ Read More ]