Nosara, Costa Rica: Where International Yogis Go to Prosper


Nosara, Costa Rica: Where International Yogis Go to Prosper   Costa Rica is a unique Blue Zone: one of just a few places in the world where people live longer, healthier, and happier lives almost across the board. People from all over the world flock there to soak up both sun and whatever it is that makes the area thrive. Some people however, never leave. Ashley Ludman traveled regularly to Costa Rica before she sold her yoga studio, her house, and her car and moved to the Blue Zone ... [ Read More ]

Caramel Ice Cream Bars


Caramel Ice Cream Bars A Wonderful Sunday Dessert Caramel Ice Cream Bars   ½ cup flour 1 cup oats ½ cup brown sugar ½ cup chopped nuts 1 cup melted butter Combine ingredients well and flatten on cookie sheet. Bake 15 minutes @ 350 degrees. Cool and crumble ½ of mixture in 9x13 dish. 1 Jar Kraft Caramel Sauce 2 quarts Vanilla Ice Cream   Take jar of caramel and drizzle over mixture. Spread 2 quarts of softened vanilla ice cream over caramel ... [ Read More ]

Make the Most of 3 Days in Columbus


Make the Most of 3 Days in Columbus Columbus, Ohio is often a layover point for many travelers, but this city could be the destination of choice as its growing popularity continues to excite people. As one of the largest cities in the United States, Columbus offers a friendly vibe while hosting many attractions to pull travelers in. From college-age activities to relaxing walks in lush parks, travelers can make the most out of a 3-day stay in Columbus if they know where to go just outside their ... [ Read More ]



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I want to give you my FREE Report


I want to give you my FREE Report 5 Powerful Practices That Will Help You Manifest Your Dreams & my 7 day newsletter series! Just Released - Mind Secrets Attract Wealth with Your Mind Free Video Just Released If you’re looking for the secret to unlocking the power of the Law of Attraction, then you NEED to check out this video. Click Here! This Free video was produced by a very good friend of mine. It's got an incredible story that'll shock you. She traveled all ... [ Read More ]

5 Places to Stay in Style While in Amsterdam


5 Places to Stay in Style While in Amsterdam The ancient, canal-laden Dutch city of Amsterdam has something for anyone who's in search of fun. The city is not only beautiful to look at, with its unique architecture and canal-ringed city center, but it is also rich in history. It provides a spectacular backdrop for anyone looking to visit this notoriously laid-back and accepting city. If you're planning a trip to Amsterdam soon and not sure where to stay, these five beautiful Amsterdam ... [ Read More ]

The History of Room Service (And Some Great Spots to Find It)

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The History of Room Service (And Some Great Spots to Find It)   There’s nothing quite like being served in bed. Most of us only get the experience once or twice a year, but globetrotters in any halfway-luxurious hotel can get it whenever they want. Food and drink service has been central to the mission of the hotel ever since horse and traveler alike needed watering. And yet “room service” (as we generally picture it) is actually less than 100 years old. What did it take to get food ... [ Read More ]



Stuffed Mushrooms                   With the holiday season quickly approaching, here is a recipe to pull out and share. Whether it is the neighborhood open-house potluck, the PTA-sponsored parent-teacher conference meal, or having friends over for an evening of fun, this hot appetizer will not disappoint. Stuffed Mushrooms 1 lb. fresh & large mushrooms 1 lb. pork mild sausage 4 oz. cream cheese 1/4 onion, ... [ Read More ]



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