bistroMD’s Grilled Chicken with Roasted Garlic Veloute Sauce   Yields 4 servings For the chicken: · 4 5oz chicken breast fillets · 1 teaspoon of garlic powder · 1 teaspoon of onion powder · Salt and pepper to taste · 1 teaspoon of dried oregano For the sauce: · 1.5 cups of chicken broth (pacific foods) · 1/2 cup of white wine · 1 Tablespoon of garlic (chopped) · 1 teaspoon of olive oil · 1 teaspoon of corn starch · 1 Tablespoon of water · ... [ Read More ]

Five Signs that You Need a Mentor


Five Signs that You Need a Mentor Have you ever considered working with a mentor? Many professionals credit mentors with pushing them to the highest levels of success, including respected public figures like ... [ Read More ]

Holland Community Aquatic Center


Holland Community Aquatic Center is a state-of-the-art, community supported, aquatic facility committed to excellence in programming that improves the health, safety, enjoyment, and athletic development of people in the West Michigan Lakeshore area. Holland Community Aquatic Center is fun for any occasion! A fun day out with your family, education, and also birthday parties! Come enjoy the yellow streak water slide, the water playground, water basketball and a zip line! There is something fun ... [ Read More ]

5 Best Gift Ideas for Newborn Twins and Their Parents


5 Best Gift Ideas for Newborn Twins and Their Parents If your friends are going have a double trouble in their lives soon, you are probably just been invited to a cool baby shower. Need ideas what to gift? There are 5 best and unique gift ideas for soon-to-come twins. These gifts will not only pamper little ones but also help their parents that will literally have full hands of kids soon. So make a nice and unique gift for these two unique little members of your friends’ family. Diapers, ... [ Read More ]



        We only play with the big girls and oh oh oh what we're working up behind the scenes is absolutely fantastic... here's a peek of who you'll be bumping elbows with for 3 complete days! SEPt 30th - October 2nd, 2015 3 PASSION FUELED DAYS 30 WILDLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS WOMEN. 1 EN-RICH-ING EXPERIENCE FOR YOU!   GET YOUR FREE SEAT NOW~~~   HERE!!! ... [ Read More ]

6 Cuisines to Try in Panama City, FL


6 Cuisines to Try in Panama City, FL While you may think that planning a vacation to Panama City, Florida is all about booking airfare, planning fun activities and hotel seeking in Panama City, you will also want to learn about the local restaurant options. Panama City has a wide variety of cuisine to try, from seafood to barbecue and more. You can also plan your favorite flavors around your budget with Panama City's options ranging from inexpensive lunches to five-star dining. Here are some ... [ Read More ]



After‐school sports, lunchboxes and play dates, it must be that time of year again for back‐to‐school preparation! While most families are stocking up on folders, binders and pencils I wanted show some products that will ensure parents are fully prepared for the back‐to‐school season. Make dinnertime fast and easy:  The IMUSA Dim Sum Steamer Set allows for a healthy, fun and fast way to cook while retaining flavor, vitamins and nutrients. Bamboo steamers are great for cooking vegetables, ... [ Read More ]

Five Reasons to Beach It?


Five Reasons to Beach It? Are you thinking about escaping from the trials and challenges of everyday life, but you just can’t decide on the right location? Choosing a vacation spot can be difficult since so many options exist. The beach is a long-term escape spot that people have been using for decades. Jumping in the car and taking a several-day vacation on the beach will never fail you. The following are five reasons to “beach it” the next time life overwhelms you: Peace Will Be All ... [ Read More ]