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Many of you are right where I was before I discovered MAGNETIC LINER!!! The glue for false lashes is so annoying. Not only do you have to wait for it to get tacky, you can easily remove your natural lashes when taking them off.  We have the solution!!!  Tori Belle magnetic eyeliner!  This will save your natural lashes!

Are you spending tons of money and time getting extensions? So here is the deal…I have a ton of customers that love their extensions. But, in between fills get frustrated. So some of them have switched to completely to our lash system and some use them for in between fills. Which is such a great idea.

Tori Belle Cosmetics are easy to apply, long wearing and travel-ready. They are designed to make everyone feel capable and beautiful – with an eye toward innovation, ease of use and versatility.  All Tori Belle Cosmetics are designed with high quality ingredients that are hypoallergenic, sustainable, beautiful and luxurious.

 How to Join Tori Belle Cosmetics and become a Tori Belle Affiliate selling magnetic liner and lashes. 

How to Join Tori Belle Cosmetics - Meet Laura

Laura owner of Tori Belle Cosmetics



From Laura– As much as I loved the idea of direct sales, there were some things I didn’t like. I want to make sure that we remove some of those barriers that keep people from truly succeeding. We will create company programs that are truly unique which increases the odds for success. I’m extremely proud of the training, compensation, technology and products that we will offer at Tori Belle. I’m also really excited about offering free shipping! I’ve been a photographer and makeup artist for the past twenty-five years. Using quality cosmetics is a must for me. When I can’t find something I loved to use, I usually end up making it myself.

I invented magnetic eyeliner to solve my own problem. The regular magnetic lashes just didn’t work for me. I am the mother of two daughters, Victoria and Isabelle. The company name, Tori Belle, is named after them. Family and culture is extremely important to us. We will be providing many opportunities for families and friends to bond together through their Tori Belle business. The number one thing I am looking forward is to get to know my new Tori Belle family; those who put their trust in our products and programs. We will work together to create a truly wonderful culture.  At Tori Belle we’ll always strive to BE HIP – Hopeful, Independent & Prosperous!

Why you should join us!


This company is for everyone and we have a community of supportive affiliates that will help you grow your business. It’s your own business but, you are not alone in it. You will make life long friends when you join Tori Belle.

“At tori belle, we offer one of the highest payouts in Affiliate commissions starting at 25% increasing to 40% each month depending on what you’ve sold. There is no minimum requirements to earn on your retail sales, which offers you flexibility and zero pressure to perform or meet quotas.”

You always earn 25% from the start AND you always can earn Free product credits! During your first full 2 and 6 months, you are Eligible for Quick Start Bonuses that help reward you for jumping in strong with Extra Free Product credits and Cash Bonuses!

“Our Affiliate program not only provides a way for you to be paid on your entire organization, but it pays at 100% on your teams retail sales. This is huge! We don’t assign a discounted commissionable volume when paying team pay and bonuses. If you are being paid 8% on your first level that sold $1000, your level bonus would be 8% of the $1000. 

Almost all direct sale companies reduce the commissionable volume to 70% all the way down to 30% on some products. This means if it was reduced to 70% you would only be paid 8% on $700, not the full $1000. At tori belle, we believe in honest pay, and don’t hide discounted commissionable values in the small print of our comp plan.” – Tori Belle Cosmetics

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How to Join Tori Belle Cosmetics and become a Tori Belle affiliate selling magnetic liner and lashes along with other beauty products!

What else do you get?

Your own personal shopping website! (with back office)

Only $9.00 a month. When you purchase the $99.00 starter kit you get 3 Months free.

No Auto Ship! You can earn commission without having to place your own order each month!

Free Shipping!

No stock required!

No bulk orders!

Community Support!



How to Join Tori Belle Cosmetics and become a Tori Belle Affiliate selling magnetic liner and lashes.  

Look how fast these lashes attach! 



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